Quote of the Day: "Hope is not an emotion. Hope is a cognitive behavioural process that we learn when we experience adversity and struggle."   --Brené Brown

Hope is a curious thing--and that suits me just fine. I'm a curious BEing. (God made me that way.) How about you? Are you curious like me? Do you wonder how hope can be so elusive to define and yet evident in our perspective and the choices we make every day?

I am on a journey--a journey to understand hope. I do know that without an anchor, hope can drift away on the gentlest of currents. WITH an anchor, hope remains immovable, no matter how strong the winds or how high the waves. In today's uncertain world, we all need that kind of hope.


In my life, that anchor has a name: JESUS!


Come join me on this journey. And together may we come to rest in the Anchor that secures us, no matter how dark and raging our lives are. And together, may we redefine hope and find joy!

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