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Chapter 10: March, Note, Freed, Saga--What's the Common Denominator?

"Curiosity is your superpower!" I've been told that more than once. Yup, that's me. But curiosity can lead you down many trails. Today's post takes me down one that feeds my love of the unique--at least unique to my Western eyes and mind.

In case you didn't know this, I've always enjoyed unique makes and models of cars, but also car logos. Often it's the logo (emblem) I look for first because then I usually know the make.

In 2019, when we were suddenly without a vehicle, a car dealership showed us the car we now own--a Proton Saga. Proton Saga? What's that? Where's it manufactured? I didn't know (Malaysia, actually), but I DID know one thing: I liked the logo. Who buys a car based on the logo? Well, we bought the car, but not because of the logo. And it was a good choice--it's been a great little car for us!

Way back in 1996, when we first arrived in Chiang Mai with our three elementary school-aged children, we bought a second-hand (and already well-used) Toyota Hilux--another model not found in Canada, or so I was told. It had a covered, windowed truck box with two cushioned bench seats running along the sides.

Oh the stories that truck could tell about all the people (and animals) it carried/held, the events it attended, the places it saw. Squeals of laughter, songs of silliness, sibling rivalries, hospital emergencies, teenage angst, family visit excursions, breakdown sleepovers. But those are stories for another time. This post is supposed to be about unique vehicle makes and models.

So, I'm going to inundate you with photos. If you're as curious as I am about such things--enjoy. If not, well, at least enjoy the unusual names:

Toyota travelling vans--Alphard & Vellfire, Honda Freed, Toyota Sienta

Nissan March, Juke, & Note

Left side: Mini truck (anyone recognize the make & model?), Diahatsu mini truck, Diahatsue Mira

Suzuki Swift, Mitsubishi Lancer, Kia Picanto

DFSK mini truck, Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu D-Max

Last but not least: Electric cars from China--Haval and Neta.

There you have it. Unique makes and models found outside Canada. Of course, there's more. If you're really curious, you can follow up with your own investigating.

So what do I notice first? Well, since so many vehicles here are either black, white, or some shade of silver/gray, I'm usually drawn to the vehicles with colour (though there are more important things to think about when buying a vehicle--like the logo. Hehehe).

Whether you drive a red car or a black truck, our vehicles are so much a part of our lives, the stories we tell, and the memories they evoke. Often we don't even acknowledge their involvement in our life events, travels, journeys. And yet, they're there, doing their job, like unsung heroes, or not doing their job, which then feeds a new story. Oh the stories all our vehicles could tell.

I'm looking forward to jumping into our Proton Saga tomorrow to continue living my story. And who knows where it will take me!


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