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Pouring the Paint

I've only started acrylic pouring three years ago. What I've learned? You just gotta let it go--let it flow. Precision is not part of the acrylic pouring vocabulary. But there IS technique to it. The technique is more in the choice of colours and mixing of the paint prior to pouring. In other words, it's in the planning. Usually, the planning takes longer than the actual pour. In fact, the more time you spend on the details of preparation, the better the end result will be. Hmmmm. I could talk a lot about the application of that to our lives. But I won't. You can figure it out. For now, I'd just like to share my art:

Dim Reflections 1

Coral Reef 1

Into the Forest

Dim Reflections 2

Dim Reflections 3

Calla Lily 1

Peacock Feather 1

Bouquet of Fireworks

Into the Garden

Feather play

Poppy's Moon (on a vinyl record)

Tears for a Nation

Into the Jungle

Coffee coaster play


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