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Going on a Treasure Hunt Clue #3

Have you ever gone on a treasure hunt? I have.

But my clue was never in a script that I couldn't read, like this one.

This script titled Tassanara was created by Travis Williams.

Travis is a fellow author being published under my publisher, Siretona Creative. And the book we're supporting today is the first book in a series written by another author under Siretona Creative, Nicola MacCameron. Here's more information on that book:

Today, all that's important is that we're going on a treasure hunt connected to this first novel by Nicola.

Nicola has given me a list of steps for you to follow to play along. Let's see if you can figure out what the Tassanara word on this page is.

Follow these steps and figure out the Tassanara word in the above image so that you can continue to the next treasure page.

Step #1 Did you see the Tassanara Treasure Image above? Figure out what it says using the Tassanara Key.

Step #2 When you know what the treasure says, find the next treasure here.

Step #3 Go to all the blogs, collecting treasure along the way.

The first clue is found here:

Step #4 The last link will lead you to the answer form. Fill in your answers and submit!

Step #5 Download, print, and proudly display your Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt Participation Certificate! This is what your certificate will look like:

Step #6 Buy the T-shirt so other fans can recognize you in the wild.

Step #7 When the hunt is over, you're invited to join Nicolas at a Treasure Hunt Zoom party on Feb. 26th. For that, sign up here:

Play along and let's have some fun!


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