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I grew up in your typical prairie town in Saskatchewan--the perfect place for a curious, fun-loving child to experience life. Then, during my years at Bible school, I realized there's a much bigger world out there--a world I wanted to get to know. God made that possible when He called me to be a missionary. Along the way I fell in love--first with my husband and then with my three children. 

Well, that's not quite true. I FIRST fell in love with Jesus. He blessed me with a husband, with children, and also with grandchildren. He's blessed me with God-fearing parents and siblings. He's blessed me with many life-long friends around the world. He's blessed me with a fulfilling ministry. He's blessed me with writer friends who "get me."

He's also blessed me with me i.e. with who I am--all my quirks, my curiousities, my passions, my likes and dislikes. But mostly He's blessed me with Himself. I am His beloved child and He calls me by name. Me--Connie Mae Inglis. I am in awe of that!

Forever thankful!

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