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CURIOSITY is your Superpower!

Updated: Feb 1

Are you familiar with the "Little Miss" book series by Roger Hargreaves? Well, a few years ago my daughter and her family gave me this one:

This is me: Always curious, and, at my age now, not afraid to look stupid by asking the questions that nobody else wants to ask. I'm simply curious (Thus my website title, A Curious Hope).

In a previous post, I voiced my technological ineptness. I just don't get things. I know that some of it is fear. But as I move toward publishing, and trying to do marketing, I'm overwhelmed by the learning curve in using different programs for different reasons: Wix for my website, Asana for my publishing journey, ConvertKit for my newsletter etc. And lately I've added Workday for my work with Wycliffe Canada.

So, here I sit. At my computer. My brain's already exhausted, my curiosity's waning, and it's not even noon.

Two days ago my publisher, Colleen McCubbin with Siretona Creative, reminded me that curiosity is my superpower! I'm trying to be positive. I keep repeating those words to myself while I try to figure out RSS feeds and how to put one on my website in order to connect with my followers and other social media forms. It's a struggle.

In moments like this, it's good to look back over the last year and remember all I've learned--that it's good to stay curious.

And also to NOT give up!

However, I also know I can't take a lot of credit. I've had many people come alongside me to help me in so many ways. My publisher for one. How one person can know so much about publishing, I'll never know! Thanks Colleen. (And here's a personal plug for Siretona Creative : If you're looking for a hybrid publisher, I'd recommend her and her team every day of the week!)

Within Siretona Creative, I've been connected to a community of authors who are all on different journeys in publishing. Within this community I've been blessed with encouragement, guidance, friendship, AND tech support. Whatd'ya know! A community, growing together and moving forward in our writing goals. God is good!

As I've mentioned earlier, Charity Mongrain, author coach for Siretona Creative, introduced me to my Rewriting Adam cover designer, Gary Horsman. Charity helped me with the pre-cover reveal interview videos. I'm thankful that I didn't have to find the inertia to be curious about editing videos.

I'm posting the last two interview videos here. I'm posting both of them because I'm really excited to share my book cover with all of you. There is no intro to them--just a continuation of the previous videos. But again, I want to thank Charity Mongrain and Gary Horsman ( for working with me in this.

Cover Reveal Video #3: The Collaboration between Author and Designer.

Cover Reveal Video #4: Font and Finality.

There you go. Just in doing these videos, I've learned so much.

But now I must get back to being curious about RSS feeds. Again, I must repeat:

Curiosity is my superpower!

O Lord, help me persevere without fear!



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