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Do you hear it, Gramma? Do you see it, Bada? Part 2

Updated: Feb 1

In my granddaughter's mindfulness to the sound of an airplane in the sky, I realized something else. And that is, how important sound is as one of our five senses, and, in the book publishing world, how relevant audio books are.

In today's world, with many people spending hours in their cars, or simply listening to a whole gammit of things on their phones while working from home, audio books have become a popular format for "reading" a book.

Okay, so I'm taking the plunge and am looking into turning my novel into an audio book. Not right away, however. I'll get my book into readers' hands first and then I'll focus on the audio book. That being said, I did ask my son to record the first few pages of my novel because I think he's got an easy-listening voice. So, here it is--his reading of the beginning of Rewriting Adam:

And speaking of getting my book into YOUR hands, my novel is NOW in the hands of the layout people in preparation for the printing stage, thanks to @Siretona Creative. Woohooooo! It's hard to believe I'm finally at this point. Kinda surreal.

Thanks again for joining me on my journey--not just in writing but in life. Again, if you want my author newsletter, scroll down to the bottom of my home page and sign up. You'll get a small book of the poems in my novel when you do! There will also be other bonuses surrounding my novel in the future if you sign up now!


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