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Life as a TCA

Updated: Feb 1

TCA: Third Culture Adult. That's me. An unusual tag perhaps. But that's okay. Spending much of my adult life in other cultures has opened my eyes to many wonders. Many beautiful people. And also many tough situations.

The year was 1979. After my first year of Bible college, I did a summer internship with N.C.E.M. (Northern Canada Evangelical Mission). One afternoon during training, I went for a walk in the woods. While sitting on a log in the quiet, God spoke to me. Not audibly, but in my heart and mind. I remember the awe as His presence danced off the fluttering leaves in bright, almost blinding, stream of sunshine. And I remember the tears as He shared His burden, His love, for the world with me. I bowed my head in surrender to His calling. Not out of dread or fear but out of joy and love.



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