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Marketing Delirium

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As a newbie author, I'm not a fan of marketing. Yesterday I had an especially bad day with it.

Image:Adrian Smith@Unsplash

Part of me felt like I was being thrown into the middle of the ocean with only a flimsy lifejacket--that I was expected to first figure out my bearings as far as knowing which direction to swim and then to swim with the hope of reaching shore, any shore.

I have learned that writing is a good way to process. For me, that often takes a poetic form. So, this morning I wrote a poem--from an inverted nonet to a nonet (In an attempt to get a shark-like, or at least a fish-like shape). Warning: It's not a happy poem.

Marketing Delirium



Nowhere drop

off, no one knows.

Yet, I'm here--maiden

author, abandoned; a--

drift on wave upon wave of

marketing madness. Miniscule

me, sinking, safe haven not in sight.

"Swim," they say. "Swim to the blissful shore

of sales and success--of landed

dreams and delight." But no. I

find myself lost on this

ocean. Point of no

return. Waiting

for sharks to






*Point Nemo--the point in the ocean that is the farthest away from any point of land.

While I know I'm NOT alone on my author/marketing journey, sometimes it feels like it--especially when my emotions are prickling just below the skin, waiting for a chance to surface. And yes, that's where my emotions have been for a few weeks. Thus, my poem vent.

But what about hope? Don't I always write about hope. Hmmm. Hope is a vulnerable act. So, I write my feelings. My frustration. My hurt. My ugly. You can judge me if you want. God doesn't. And there's the rub--there's the hope.


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