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The Semantics of Words

99,468. Does that number mean anything to you? How about if I told you that's the number of words in my novel. Does that mean anything to you? Probably not a lot. In fact, it probably means more to me than anyone else.

What about these words? Clowns. Mother. Clouds. God. Coffee. Nightmare.

I bet we could all tell a story about each of these words--and I bet they'd ALL be different. That's the unique power and potential of words.

In my upcoming novel, Ethan, my protagonist, hears his daughter's voice in his mind at a time when he has to make a difficult choice. Of all the relationships in his life, he believes that her voice is the only good one--the only one that offers "caffeine to his soul." Like a strong jolt of coffee, they give him energy and strength, and the ability to choose. They also offer encouragement and hope.

Ethan, however, has no idea that his choice will take him to a parallel world--one filled with telepathic humans. A world where the use of words become the focus of conversations:

"...I [Malachi] did not realize how difficult this would be, trying to use words.”

[Ethan] “So much talk about words. Words are words. That’s how communication happens.”

“Perhaps that is true in the world you came from,” Malachi shook his head, “but this is not that world.”

Suddenly, spoken words become novel--and only for Ethan's benefit--and internal words become relevant. Those inner voices and head conversations. Ethan becomes more aware of them, especially one that is gentle and musical and kind. Even so, Ethan is freaked out by it, and afraid, in this unknown. He doesn't understand this strange, new world, where another layer of meaning is added to these inner words and telepathic-type conversations.

The question is: Does he accept or reject all he sees and hears and smells and feels? I guess that's a question that can only be answered in the novel itself.

Are you curious? I hope so.

No exact date of when you can pre-order my novel. But, it will be soon.

And with those words, I say adieu.

And thanks for being here.


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