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A Taste of the Wild Things

Sometimes poetry is just silly and fun. And sometimes blogposts should be that too!

This poem is based on a prompt. Basically, write a poem based on a song.

It's the beat of the song that draws me in. It makes me want to dance and laugh and just be silly (and if my grandchildren join in, all the better).

This song also reminds me of a children's book. Can you guess which one? I answer the question with my poem title.

Today, just enjoy this little bit of fun.

Where the Wild Things Are

In my head

there is a house

full of rooms

full of things--

strange and wonderful and



In this house

most, umm, many of

the rooms are locked


though sometimes things


wild things.


From my window

where nameless people pass

I imagine lives

they live, worlds

they visit and

I hitch a ride--

wild places.

In these imaginings I

machete forests

and drink grog

and fight dragons

to save


the wild hero.

Then my own world

calls me back.

"Mom, where's my school lunch?"

And the wild things

retreat to their

cages in my

tamed head.


Oh that wild imagination. I have one. You have one. Does that scare you? It shouldn't. It's part of who we are and what makes us unique. I hope you don't keep yours hidden in some cold, dark dungeon. But if you do, I challenge you to let it out.

Everyone should let their imagination run wild. At least, once in a while!


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