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Chapter 14: Flying Lessons 2

Updated: Feb 1

More lessons from another bird unique to tropical Asia--the Asian Koel.

Photo by Ravish

Personally, I've never seen this bird, but I have tried. It likes to hide away in the thick of the trees and because it's completely black, it's hard to see.

However, it's song (though many wouldn't call it that) is so unique that even though you can't see it, you can hear it.

This bird is part of the cuckoo family, but would you call that a cuckoo? I'm not sure what I'd call it, other than unique.

This time of the year, its distinct "ooo--oo--ooo" is heard long before sunup and it continues all day. ALL DAY! Thankfully, the trees it hides in aren't near our bedroom window, so I don't mind the sound. In fact, I've come to love the song (yes, it's a song to me) and I actually listen for it now because of the lessons it's taught me about God and His presence:

  1. For about a month now, God has been talking (maybe shouting?) to me in the song of the Asian koel and this is what He's saying: "I am here!" "I am with you!" "Pay attention!" Over and over, almost like a meditation: "I am here!" "I am with you!" "Pay attention!" Do you hear it in the video above? Do you get why I now love this bird and its song? GOD with me--Immanuel. I want to be reminded, to be made more fully aware, of His presence. This bird does that for me.

  2. Though I can't see this bird, its presence is evident in its song. It is the same with God. Though I can't see Him with my eyes, I know He is here. His presence is evident in His creation. Psalm 19:1 (NIV) says, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Our five senses see, hear, smell, touch, taste Him in His creation. O how kind and generous He is to us. He shares Himself with us through and in this world.

  3. Our God is a God of relationship. He wants to walk with us through the garden of our lives just like He did with Adam and Eve in the garden. Even after sin entered the world, He made a way for us to return to relationship with Him by giving us His Son, Jesus. "How marvelous! How wonderful!" as the old hymn says.

  4. As a continuance of point #3, God's declaration of love for me, for all of us, is relentless. Yes Jesus died for us ONCE FOR ALL, but His pursuit of us is ongoing. We see it in creation but also through the Holy Spirit that He gave us. His Spirit is ever-moving in our hearts and minds, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes in a shout. Hearing it is a daily, minute-by-minute choice we make. The Asian koel's song reminds me that He is with me, speaking into my life all day, every day. I just need to "Pay Attention!"

I know that we often joke (sometimes with exasperation) about "that rooster" that wakes us with its annoying crowing. I came across this video--2 1/2 minutes of random crowing roosters. Here's my challenge to you: Listen to this video and think of each crow as God speaking to you: I am here! I am with you! Pay attention!

Well, maybe that was a little much. Maybe you need a more subtle nudging.

All I'm saying is, "God is wanting to have relationship with you. His Spirit is speaking into your life and circumstances." It's up to us to hear His voice, whispering or shouting, singing or crowing.

Are we listening?


We had a black billed cuckoo pass through one year. Until that point we never realized there were cuckoo birds in southern Saskatchewan. One of their calls sounded like someone’s watch alarm going off, very loudly. Thanks for the post.

Connie Inglis
Connie Inglis
Apr 15, 2023
Replying to

Really? I grew up in Saskatchewan and went to Bible school in southern Sask. I had no idea there were cuckoo birds in that province either. Huh. Thanks for the little story. And thanks for reading my post and replying.


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