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To Market, to Market

One of my favourite things to do here: visit Warorot Market, the large day market.

View from the walking bridge. What you see here is mostly the car parkade. The market begins on the bottom floor and stretches for another block past this and to the right. SO MUCH to see, taste, smell, and touch!

From a distance, it doesn't look like much. But in this case, looks are deceiving!

I reference this market in my novel, Rewriting Adam. In the novel, Ethan, my protagonist, calls this market "a giant kaleidoscope of pleasure." (pg. 43) It definitely is that--and so much more.

I let my curiosity take over. I meander, an old, slow-moving river, and drink it in. Some of the stalls have changed--some of my favourites have disappeared, thanks to COVID-19 I'm sure. But since the last time I was here three years ago, much of it has stayed the same. The same cloth shops. The same Buddhist paraphernalia stalls.

The same fruits and vegetable stalls. The same spice shop. The same deep-fried bugs and worms stall. The same traditional Asian medicinal cure shop (which is a market in itself, with shelves of little compartments filled with strange and exotic items, most of which I've never heard of). The same traditional clothing shops.

AND, my favourite coffee shop: Thamel Coffee. This year, they've added something new to the menu: Butterfly pea iced tea latté.

I'm familiar with butterfly peas because of the deep, rich indigo colour of the flowers themselves. We actually had a butterfly pea vine growing along our fence once when we lived here previously. It looks somewhat like a sweet pea but without the typical aroma.

Have you ever had butterfly pea tea before? I have. The tea turns a rich deep blue, just like the flower. And if you add lemon, it takes on a purple hue. I love it for the colour alone.

But I'd never had a butterfly pea iced tea latté. I had to try it.

DEEEE-licious! A perfect little break on a warm day.

Well, I think that's enough fun for one day. Time to get back to the work that's called us here.

But I'll be back! Oh, I'll be back! I hope you join me again for more adventures in this kaleidoscope world.


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